My heart stopped briefly when Gem died.
It was a breathless pain as I acknowledged my loss.
And that the one I loved so deeply, moved
from my outside to my  inside....slowly....
as my heart adjusted to its new weight.

The cancer came in silence like a ghost, and  I watched, agonized, as he quickly became a shadow of his former self.  As brave as any soldier, Gem faced his battle, never once complaining about all I put him through, just because I needed to hold on,  even for just one more day.

More than six years later, I still grieve, at times with sorrow so strong it overwhelms me, and leaves me wondering how I'll get through the day.   I cling to the belief that he's in Heaven now, and I imagine that it's a special place, where he's  safe and warm, and free from pain and suffering.  I believe he watches over us, and that someday I'll see him, and touch him again.  Quite simply, most people just don't understand how I ache to share my memories of my lost loved one. If only to speak his name and tell them of the things he'd done, but they don't want to listen and hardly anyone ever asks.  Please join me now in my own interpretation of his journey through the darkness,  to Kitty Heaven, and on to the Rainbow Bridge.

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